[ntp:questions] Re: programming an ntp app

Roy roy at suespammers.org
Mon Nov 10 04:05:09 UTC 2003

"josian" wrote in message news:<0Oerb.937988$uj6.2369845 at telenews.teleline.es>...
> I'm student.
> I saw that a few servers can be connected via telnet and they return a
> string with the local time.
> But there are others that doesnt do that and work properly because if i put
> these servers in a commercial app it connects and put the clock on time.
> Has anyone some easy information to read in order to programme a ntp base
> app with sockets. I'm a beginer and doesn't kwow much. I saw the www.ntp.org
> and i found a little bit hard.
> Thanks a lot

I'm not quite sure what your goals are.  I don't think systems level
socket programming is a typical place for a beginer to start.  But if
you just want to learn by doing, you might want to take a look at the
"Simple Network Time Protocol" defined in RFC-2030.

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