[ntp:questions] Re: A theoretical question

Denis Zaitsev zzz at natasha.ward.six
Mon Nov 10 22:40:05 UTC 2003

>>>>> "r" == roy  <roy at suespammers.org> writes:

    r> I personally choose a fourth option.  It is option C except my
    r> NTP server is a different system than the firewall / router
    r> where my LAN connects to the internet.  This provides an
    r> additional protective layer between the NTP server and the
    r> internet.  It also isolates the NTP server from IP address
    r> changes.

Thanks for the reply.  BTW, the couple of other questions are

a) why do you think that the machine on the LAN besides a
   firewall is protected more than the machine under firewall itself
   (to be more precise, a service running on the machine with the

b) What an address changes do you mean?

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