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Mark J. Bailey mjb at jobsoft.com
Tue Nov 11 12:15:36 UTC 2003


i am not an NTP guru by a long shot.  I am not a complete newbie either.  I
have medical group client that has a situation that may (or may not) have an
obvious fix.  I have looked at the FAQ but still am not sure that what my
client needs to do is addressed.  basically, they have a Win2K server that
is "master" clock internally.  They have a Win2K data interface engine
gateway that sync to that.  They also have a lab information system that
runs on top of Linux (on IBM Z-series hardware).  We configured Linux to
sync with the Win2K master (and that works).   The Linux is Redhat 8.0 for
what it is worth.  NTP syncs just fine.  However, what is happening is that
the interface engine and the lab system have to be almost exactly synced for
the lab results to link "logically" into their win2k based electronic
medical records system.  What is happening is that if the linux lab system
drifts ahead of the interface engine by even a few milliseconds, it causes
problems with the setup the EMR vendor has configured for lab results to be
properly tied in with the patient record, etc.  NOTE: I am just the linux
consultant - I have no involvement in the lab system nor the interface
engine nor the EMR system.  so, all of that is out of my sphere of

what I have been charged with is this....  If the linux lab system can
consistently "lag" behind the interface engine (and, well, the win2k master
clock server), this "fudge" will keep everything consistent.  So, basically,
they want the linux lab system to always remained synced to the master clock
server by 1 second.  This seems like a "slew" or "tickadj" type of issue,
but, again, not being much more than a BASIC NTP setup kind-of-guy, I am
just not sure how to go about this.

Any pointers or suggestions are very much appreciated!



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