[ntp:questions] Re: Lists of public NTP servers

Dale R. Worley worley at theworld.com
Wed Nov 12 02:56:35 UTC 2003

wolfgang+gnus20031104T080139 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com (Wolfgang S. Rupprecht) writes:
> Even changing the fonts to use a specified point size is still a bit
> sub-optimal since the user may have selected a bigger font-size than
> normal due to bad eyesight.  I'd prefer to see relative font size
> specs only with the "normal" text size being whatever the user's
> browser has selected.)

Yes, let me reinforce that message -- use font sizes relative to the
default that the user has established.  Otherwise someone who has poor
eyesight will have to change the font size on every page.


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