[ntp:questions] Oncore driver in 4.2.0

Chris Stenton jacs at gnome.co.uk
Wed Nov 12 13:54:45 UTC 2003

Having recently installed an Oncore GPS unit under FreeBSD 5.1 I have a few
notes on some "features" in 4.2.0.


pps /dev/oncore.pps.0 clear hardpps

in ntp.conf no longer works.  I assume the pps command has been depreciated.

If a fudge line is present it is acted upon AFTER  ntp.oncore. If values for
flag2 and flag3 are not present the defaults are used even though the values
may have been set in ntp.oncore ... giving unexpected results!

In the driver,  oncore_start and a few other  procedures do not  produce any
output to the clocks stat file. For what ever reason
record_clock_stats(&(instance->peer->srcadr), cp) does not do anything.

Other than that it works a charm!


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