[ntp:questions] Re: Configuring Expert GPS CLOCK with Linux RedHat

gsppslrn at libero.it gsppslrn at libero.it
Wed Nov 12 15:21:40 UTC 2003

> > So is it impossible to set the right time at the startup of the daemon ntpd ?

Sorry, I didn't explain the question well, sorry for my english. I wanted to say
that ntpd converge to the UTC time only in a range from it, but if I set the
time to 300 B.C. or 5350 A.D. or only some days from it, ntpd consider the
packets that receive from the GPS receiver like baddata. I wanted to make a
script to sync year, month, day, hour, minute that I receive from the GPS with
ntpdate and then sync second, usec using ntpd; however isn't so important.

> A GPS clock when powered on needs almost a minute until it's synced, and it
> will need about 15 minutes until it is stable. See "iburst" in the FAQ or
> documentation.
> > ntpd work fine if the time of the clock is near (some hours) of the time I
> In the years before NTP, people just set their clocks by wrist watch. It
> worked.
> > receive with the GPS, but if I set the clock some days before or after the UTC,
> > that I receive with the gps, the daemon consider all packets as bad data and
> > discards them, so it don't converge to the right time.
> Why would you do that?
> Please discuss in the news!
> Ulrich

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