[ntp:questions] inappropriate address for the fudge command

Steve Murtagh steve_murtagh at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 15:26:57 UTC 2003

     I'm trying to get NTP4.2.0 working in a Solaris-8 enviroment. It is a private and secure network as so I'm trying to implement simply a peer to peer time syncing setup.

I'm starting with just two boxes, they start up fine but always fail to sync up. If I enable debugging I can see  the following 

sendpkt(fd=21,, ttl=-8, 48)
input_handler: fd=21 length 48 from 0a0a340a
invalid packet header 0x20 0.000000 1.963272

As I have no external clock to sync against I am trying to set one of the boxes as the reference clock but I always get the same error is inappropriate address for the fudge command, line ignored

My ntp.conf file looks like this

server # increase stratum
fudge stratum 10
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
logfile /etc/ntp.log

Any suggestions would be gratefully received






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