[ntp:questions] Re: NTP, Windows to Unix

fleabag nospam at nospam.com
Fri Nov 14 19:49:08 UTC 2003

I'm Sorry.   NOT... Your could have just been nice, And I don't CARE who you

"Danny Mayer" <mayer at gis.net> wrote in message
news:3a2a0492.0311131443.6dbe611 at posting.google.com...
> "Aneil Singh" <Nospam at jerk.com> wrote in message
news:<Q1ysb.106027$PD3.5467732 at nnrp1.uunet.ca>...
> > Keep your "Danny" comments to your self.
> > What are you running on your desk top, at home for your kids.  Don't be
> > stupid dickbreath, you use Windows..  I'm sure you have binds too.
> >
> > From
> > Your friend.
> Your comments are totally inappropriate and reprehensible. Obscenities are
> not tolerated or expected here. Keep them in the newsgroups that you
> usually inhabit.
> You have absolutely no idea who I am. As it happens not only do I run
> bind on my Windows boxes I wrote the code for it.
> I am making a rare use of my privileges to ban you from any further
> participation in any mailing list that NTP runs. Neither will I
> make any further responses to your inconsiderate and irresponsible
> behavior. I doubt that anyone else will be willing to answer you
> either.
> Danny

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