[ntp:questions] Re: Solaris doesn't like Active Directory NTP?

ilmdba ilmdba at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 22:15:09 UTC 2003

> Active Directory has nothing to do with time. Those are separate
> functions. There is s Windows Time service that synchronizes to
> a server at Microsoft on all Windows 2K systems, but that is on
> all systems, Workstation and Server.
> Maybe you can explain better what needs to be synchronized and
> we can come up with some solutions. One solution is use one of
> the Linux boxes that is already set up with ntpd and have it
> synchronize with some of the stratum 2 time servers externally
> and install ntp on the Windows boxes (and turning off Windows
> Time Service). This would then keep everything in synch.

ok, but as you can see above, our AD servers are running an NTP server
as well, and our linux boxes are binding to it. 

what i need to know, is why do solaris servers not bind to this microsoft
supplied NTP server.  

the reason we are doing this is to keep our unix boxes synchronized with
the windows boxes, the windows boxes use the AD servers for NTP time (NOT
the external microsoft stuff, this is all internal behind a firewall), and
we need our time synchronized with other companies in our AD 'forest'. 

i need solaris to like these windows time servers.  our existing time
servers which were linux based are going away in favor of the AD time
servers as a policy (don't ask)

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