[ntp:questions] Re: Question: Why does ntpd keeps a fixed difference from localhost ??

mike cook michael.cook at wanadoo.fr
Sat Nov 15 07:11:59 UTC 2003

Yes several seconds is ridiculus. That is why I was wondering If it was 
not related to the system architecture. If I haven't mis read your 
config, your domain has its primary source as the sc. I wouldn't do that.
The sc doesn't have a real hardware clock like a sun WS or Server. It is
emulated and has been the source of problems timekeeping in 12k/15k
domains before. There are patches out for those problems I believe.
Similarly it crated problems with NTP.

The first ntptrace data showed a 6 seconds difference between 
transmission of the request from your domain and the return packet's
transmit time (inserted by the sc). If the command eresponse time is in
millisecs, then the sc is not updating the domains clock correctly.
The domains TOD is provided by the sc's clock I believe. That would
be a bug. But I thought that these pbs had already been fixed.

In your ntptrace sample you have a public service as source for What sort of system is That is also
6 secs off. The public server agrees fine with my system which has
a radioclock st0 reference.

Did Sun give you a bugid for your problem?

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