[ntp:questions] Re: is there a way to "lock" the drift frequency

wayne wayne at midwestcs.com
Sun Nov 16 19:22:29 UTC 2003

In <bp8i08$f3t$1 at osl016lin.hda.hydro.com> Terje Mathisen <terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com> writes:

> It would seem possible to patch & recompile to only allow some
> relatively small range around the initial ntp.drift value.

It is my understanding that there are a fair amount of subtle reasons
for the way ntp does the things it does.  So, would such a patch be a
good idea?

Reading back through old posts, I saw a post by David Mills called
"Taming the pinball machine", which seems like it might be a related
problem.  The conditions described in that post, unforatunately,
aren't quite the same as what I'm seeing and so I'm not sure if it is
appropriate to try upgrading to 4.2(?).  Sadly, the topic seemed to
have quickly veered off on a tangent about ftp.


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