[ntp:questions] Re: Compensating DCF77 radio signal propagation delay

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sun Nov 16 20:29:56 UTC 2003

>I supose it is, in part, due to propagation delay of the radio signal 
>from transmiter (Germany) to Mallorca (Balearic Islands - Spain) where I 
>  am situated. (about 1265km).
>This propagation delay varies during day and seasons but I think it 
>could be compensated with a mean value of it.
>Do you know any method to calculate it? I would like to fix it with 
>fudge parameter.

There was some discussion here on this topic a year or so ago.
Ask google-groups for "WWVB propagation time"  {Without the quotes
will pick up several other interesting threads.]

Another option:

Look in the source distribution: clockstuff/propdelay.c
The README says not to use it for WWVB (same low freq) because
the computation is easier.

Using a quick (handwave) estimate of the speed of light, I get
4 ms.  Looks like you are in the right ballpark.

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