[ntp:questions] Re: is there a way to "lock" the drift frequency

Roy roy at suespammers.org
Mon Nov 17 03:30:04 UTC 2003

wayne wrote in message news:<x4r808yv7u.fsf at footbone.midwestcs.com>...
> Reading back through old posts, I saw a post by David Mills called
> "Taming the pinball machine", which seems like it might be a related
> problem.  The conditions described in that post, unforatunately,
> aren't quite the same as what I'm seeing and so I'm not sure if it is
> appropriate to try upgrading to 4.2(?).

If you want to try it, just remember to get the tarball from November
5.  The version on the downloads page is also version 4.2.0, but it is
from October 15 and doesn't have the new algorithm tweaks.

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