[ntp:questions] Re: is there a way to "lock" the drift frequency

wayne wayne at midwestcs.com
Mon Nov 17 12:51:27 UTC 2003

In <bp9t5e$775$1 at osl016lin.hda.hydro.com> Terje Mathisen <terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com> writes:

> wayne wrote:
> Assuming this is correct, you could indeed make a "broken" ntpd
> specifically for your machine, which clamped the slew rate.

Ok, pardon my ignorance, but I thought the slew rate was something
that was only marginly related to the pll frequency.

In the case of my laptop and the poor APM/interrupt interaction, doing
a step (if the difference is large) or a high slew rate would be the
correct solution.  In the case of my main server that sometimes gets
lagged by a full pipe, the correct solution is to ignore the NTP
packets and free run for a while.  In neither case is the frequency of
the cpu clock significantly different so I it was my understanding
that the pll frequency would also stay the same.


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