[ntp:questions] Re: Suppressing IP6; Keeping /dev/ppsX; simple MSF clocks and monitors

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang+gnus20031120T095740 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com
Thu Nov 20 18:01:19 UTC 2003

Dale Worley <worley at dragon.ariadne.com> writes:
> Hmmm.  What happens when there is both an IPv4 address for a host name
> and an IPv6 address?

In my experience ipv6 is preferred.  One has to specify a "-4" on the
command line (or peer/server line in the ntp.conf) to force the
transport to ipv4.

I have one peer that is on both ipv6 and ipv4 running an older ntp.
My fingers are almost trained to remember the -4 when I'm trying to
check up on it.

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