[ntp:questions] Re: DHCP and NTP configuration

Kenneth Porter ken.blacklist at sewingwitch.com
Fri Nov 21 19:26:03 UTC 2003

Dale Worley <worley at dragon.ariadne.com> wrote in 
news:87oevymwnp.fsf at netnews.comcast.net:

> As for what DHCP systems use this option, in Red Hat Linux 8.0,
> /etc/dhclient-script processes information obtained from the DHCP
> server, and it includes the following code
> [...]
> That's a little harsh, since it overwrites any NTP configuration
> already present.

Go to http://bugzilla.redhat.com/ and enter "dhcp ntp" as the search terms 
in the simple search form.

Here's one of the hits that matches your description:


Ideally the DHCP client script shouldn't overwrite the hand-crafted 
ntp.conf, but should instead write a separate server list file that 
ntp.conf consults. Is there any mechanism within the ntp package to use 
something like an include file that might facilitate this?

Currently DHCP can only provide a simple list of addresses, sorted by 
preference. Should it provide other configuration options? If so, we need a 
new RFC to define those additional options so that commercial implementors 
can start adding support for them.

Kenneth Porter

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