[ntp:questions] message - "findhostaddr: both ce_name and ce_peeraddr are defined"

henry cow cow at ax-im.com
Sun Nov 23 00:45:09 UTC 2003

Hello.  I have recently installed ntp-4.1.74 on OpenBSD 3.4.  All
appears to be working.  

Now I'm transitioning to handling my own domain's DNS (I'm using
djbdns, in case it matters).

I'm seeing the following repeated (ad infinitum) messages in the log,
but I haven't been able to find an explanation:

  Nov 22 15:14:02 [host] ntpd_initres[13764]: findhostaddr: both
ce_name and ce_peeraddr are defined...
  Nov 22 15:14:02 [host] last message repeated 2 times
  Nov 22 15:15:02 [host] last message repeated 3 times

Can someone point me in the right direction?
Thanks much,
ax at ax-im dot com

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