[ntp:questions] Re: Advice needed - really bad clock drift in OpenBSD

Walt Howard howard at rumba.ee.ualberta.ca
Mon Nov 24 20:04:39 UTC 2003

In article <221120031848585869%cow at ax-im.com>,
henry cow  <cow at ax-im.com> wrote:
>I have recently installed ntp-4.1.74 on a new P4 server with a fresh
>install of OpenBSD 3.4.  I'm having major problems with bad clock drift
>which I have controlled to a certain extent, but I think I've had to
>resort to some very questionable practices, so I'm seeking advice on
>what else I might do which would be more elegant and/or correct.
>I have never had a problem with NTP before -- I've always just
>installed it with a really simple ntp.conf, e.g. just a drift file
>location and a couple of servers which I've obtained permission to use. 
>Then it's off and running, and in a couple days, the clock's in sync.
>But this time it's different.  From OpenBSD, the clock drifts so badly
>that NTP can't tame it -- it loses 66 seconds an hour.  I have read *a
>lot* of documentation, but I am new to this, so I need someone with
>experience to give me a bit of feedback as I have to admit that my eyes
>are beginning to glaze over.
I saw something similar - ntpd worked fine on OpenBSD 3.3 but completely
failed to discipline the clock on OpenBSD 3.4.  I am now running ntp 4.2.0
and it seems to be doing better.  Translating the OpenBSD patches will
take a little work since ntp_io was almost completely rewritten, but you
have to do it or the ntp_rfc2553.h will cause all kinds of duplicate
definition problems on a system that has all that stuff in the system
include files.  I'd like to see the
  #if defined(_SS_MAXSIZE) || defined(_SS_SIZE)
in ntp_rfc2553.h changed to
  #if defined(_SS_MAXSIZE) || defined(_SS_SIZE) || defined(_NETINET6_IN6_H_)
but I haven't had time to see if this would help (or at least not hurt)
on systems other than OpenBSD.

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