[ntp:questions] VMS/UCX build?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 25 00:16:45 UTC 2003

I'm running VMS V6.2-1H3 and DEC TCPIP Services (UCX) V4.2 ECO Level 5 
on three DEC Alphas.  I can't upgrade because I have to run software 
that is not supported at more recent versions.

The NTP implementation in UCX 4.2 appears seriously broken; one of the 
three clocks loses about 15 seconds a week!  The other two only lose 
three or four seconds a week.   In addition, there are no utilities such 
as ntpq, ntpdc, or ntpdate.  I do have four systems running  VMS 7.2-1 
and TCPIP Services 5.1 that are working just fine in spite of a path to 
the internet that runs from New Jersey to Missouri, to Massachusetts 
before ever getting near an internet NTP server.

I'd like to try a later version of NTP.  I've downloaded the V4.2 
distribution but although the documentation mentions VMS, the build 
seems to require Unix tools (configure, etc.) that are not available for 
VMS.  I do have a version of "make" that runs on VMS but  I don't think 
it understands the syntax of the make.in and make.am files in the 

Does anyone have a script or directions to build it by hand? 


Richard Gilbert

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