[ntp:questions] Re: VMS/UCX build?

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Tue Nov 25 07:18:19 UTC 2003

A POSIX shell would probably do the trick.

Have you seen: http://public.www.planetmirror.com/pub/gcc-vms/mail.txt

I think at least one of the FTP mirrors is still active.

Would http://gnv.sourceforge.net/ help?

Danny Mayer handled the Windows port; I gather at one time it was possible
to use cygwin and run "configure"; nowadays folks simply use the stuff
in ports/winnt/ and use the ntp.dsw thing.  (Near as I can tell).

I have no idea what folks do for the mainframe or if it has even been done.

Is there a chance you could do something with a cross-compile environment?

That's what the vxworks folks do.

The other approach is to start with a Unix box, run configure, and then
edit config.h as needed.  The Makefiles that get generated by "configure"
might be mostly OK.

You may need to create a ports/vms/ subdir that has the stuff needed
to build the code.

In article <q66dndBS3auCcl-iRVn-gg at comcast.com>,
Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
>It's my understanding that porting"sh" to VMS is close to impossible if 
>you aren't VMS Engineering!  DEC never documented the supervisor mode 
>interface into the O/S that was used by DCL and, once upon a time, by 
>MCR.   It's quite the opposite of Unix, where anyone can write a shell 
>and nearly everyone has.  It's just barely possible that I could get the 
>Posix shell installed.
>OTOH, if I knew what information configure needed and what it did with 
>it, I might be able to supply it  somehow.
>What do you do if you need to build NTP for Windows, an IBM mainframe,  
>OS400, etc?

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