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Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at RZ.Uni-Regensburg.DE
Tue Nov 25 10:05:05 UTC 2003

Maybe describe again what the problems/effects on and about time on
the individual machines are, leaving aside what the task of each
machine (besides having the correct time) is. Does the Windows machine
have a consistent time, or does it "jump"? If it jumps, you cannot use


"Mark J. Bailey" <mjb at jobsoft.com> writes:

> hi
> i am not an NTP guru by a long shot.  I am not a complete newbie either.  I
> have medical group client that has a situation that may (or may not) have an
> obvious fix.  I have looked at the FAQ but still am not sure that what my
> client needs to do is addressed.  basically, they have a Win2K server that
> is "master" clock internally.  They have a Win2K data interface engine
> gateway that sync to that.  They also have a lab information system that
> runs on top of Linux (on IBM Z-series hardware).  We configured Linux to
> sync with the Win2K master (and that works).   The Linux is Redhat 8.0 for
> what it is worth.  NTP syncs just fine.  However, what is happening is that
> the interface engine and the lab system have to be almost exactly synced for
> the lab results to link "logically" into their win2k based electronic
> medical records system.  What is happening is that if the linux lab system
> drifts ahead of the interface engine by even a few milliseconds, it causes
> problems with the setup the EMR vendor has configured for lab results to be
> properly tied in with the patient record, etc.  NOTE: I am just the linux
> consultant - I have no involvement in the lab system nor the interface
> engine nor the EMR system.  so, all of that is out of my sphere of
> influence.
> what I have been charged with is this....  If the linux lab system can
> consistently "lag" behind the interface engine (and, well, the win2k master
> clock server), this "fudge" will keep everything consistent.  So, basically,
> they want the linux lab system to always remained synced to the master clock
> server by 1 second.  This seems like a "slew" or "tickadj" type of issue,
> but, again, not being much more than a BASIC NTP setup kind-of-guy, I am
> just not sure how to go about this.
> Any pointers or suggestions are very much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Mark
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