[ntp:questions] Re: new to ntp

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Thu Nov 27 03:33:53 UTC 2003

In article <a0195fb2.0311261900.12fe7680 at posting.google.com>,
Va David <vadavid at cmac.org.kh> wrote:
>Dear experts,
>May I have more questions:
>1. My ntp.conf:
>server clock.cuhk.edu.hk
>server jamtepat.singnet.com.sg
>server myservername.cmac.org.kh
>driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
>Is it a right configuration? or add something more, like restrict...?
>I've no idea.

I like to add "iburst" to the end of all server/peer lines.

>2. When I issued ntpq -c peers I found the server got sync from only
>clock.cuhk.edu.hk (the other has 16 in st column and all 0s in other
>columns). I found error at one of the lines of log message as said:
>"Nov 27 09:39:39 bakong ntpd_initres[2338]: server returns a
>permission denied error" So would any one please help me?

You got a DNS lookup error, I think.

>3. From my WinXP laptop, I update time to the myservername.cmac.org.kh
>but always says: "An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing
>with myservername.cmac.org.kh. The time sample was rejected because:
>The peer's stratum is less than the host's startum."
>How could I solve this problem?

I *think* this means you are talking to a server that is "worse" than
your machine.  But I don't recognize that error message so I suspect
it is not coming from ntpd on your WinXP laptop.


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