[ntp:questions] access control support for ntp4 server

Jacek Igalson igal3 at cut-this-out.jupiter.zit.tpnet.pl
Thu Nov 27 15:40:25 UTC 2003


There is useful commands in ntp4 to protect server. I tried two
of them: restrict and discard in the release ntp-4.2.0.

Command "restrict" works fine with subcommands, e.g.
restrict default limited

Unfortunately, command "discard" which specifies "limited"
is not recognized by ntp daemon. I have got following notice:
configure: keyword "discard" unknown, line ignored

1. Is it not implemented or do I use it incorrectly?
2. Subcommend of discard is average/minimum packet spacing. What
space does it refer to?

Regards. Jacek Igalson

Jacek Igalson
Polish Telecom, R&D Dept
ph: +48 22 6995346
mailto:igal3 at cut-this-out.jupiter.zit.tpnet.pl

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