[ntp:questions] Re: OT: Linux and NTP

Kurt Tragant k.tragant at firemail.de
Fri Nov 28 12:35:04 UTC 2003

Hello Ulrich,

thank you for the answer.

> Understand that UNIX/Linux time is sofware time. CMOS clock is just
> some extra hardware.

I understand it (I think so ;-)). I think, the command 'date' gives
information about the software time. And if I launch the command
'date' on both machines in the same second, there is a difference of
21 seconds. But both servers are synchronized via NTP (see ntpq -p of
the other posting).
The problem gets even more mystical: If I ask my two NTP servers from
a third machine (ntpdate -q), the time is the same on NTP server 1 and
NTP server 2. But a 'date' on these two servers shows the time
difference of 21 seconds - as mentioned. Please correct me, if I'm
wrong with my assumptions.


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