[ntp:questions] Re: VMS/UCX build?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 30 06:15:13 UTC 2003

I installed  VMS Posix 2.0 to get a shell that might run configure.

psx> ./configure
gets an error as follows:  (from config.log)

## ----------- ##
## Core tests. ##
## ----------- ##

configure:1386: checking build system type
configure:1399: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub
  exit (1);
%CC-I-IMPLICITFUNC, In this statement, the identifier "exit" is implicit
  ly decla
red as a function.
at line number 110 in file _ALPHA4$DKA0:[POSIX$CONT.0003E094$BFS]0004002
  B$BFS.;1 failed

It did not manage to build any makefiles or config.h.  the %CC-I message 
above is DEC C complaining gently about an undeclared function.

I decided to try something simple.  I compiled ntpdate, got errors, and 
started building a config.h by hand.  I got to the point where it 
"bletched" because it could not figure out how to get thirtytwo bit 
integers.  I tried adding:
"#define SIZEOF_INT = 4" to my config.h file and found that that didn't 
help.   I didn't manage to locate anything that did define SIZEOF_INT.

configure also complained, at the terminal, that config.sub was called 
with too many arguments.  It didn't bother to say how many or what they 

Harlan Stenn wrote:

>Running "configure" will generate the Makefiles from the 
>Makefile.in files.
>It will also generate config.h.
>I suspect you will need to get some sort of "sh", and probably "sed" and
>a few other tools ported over first.
>I am happy to help, but I haven't touched VMS for a Long Time, and back
>when I did use it it was only briefly.
>I can certainly make needed changes based on your experience, however.
>And I'd appreciate your documenting your experience at twiki.ntp.org.

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