[ntp:questions] Aren't firewalls enough?

CRM flowervalley007 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 2 15:00:04 UTC 2003


While I searching for news I found on http://www.techieindex.com,
Gartner vice president and fellow, David Smith, said many servers are
dedicated to running a single application, which makes it relatively
easy for enterprises to replace specific servers with Linux.

But the environment for Linux on the desktop is significantly
different, he warned. "Knowledge workers use PCs to run diverse
combinations of applications.
Has Linux had success at reducing IT costs for servers the same is not
true of desktops?

Firewalls are necessary tools, but they are not
the core of information security. You need to concentrate on a
holistic security architecture. Security shouldn't be added to an
enterprise; it must be woven into the fabric of the application.
Aren't firewalls enough?


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