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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sun Oct 5 15:08:57 UTC 2003

At 8:05 AM +0000 2003/10/05, David J Taylor wrote:

>  I believe that pre-compiled versions with simple Quick Start documentation
>  would encourage a wider use of NTP.

	I don't see where the NTP Project can accomplish this goal 
effectively.  There are too many platforms, with too many OSes, under 
too many different versions, using too many different packaging 
tools.  This is something the vendors need to do.

	Indeed, many vendors do already ship pre-compiled binaries.  The 
problem is that the binaries they ship are usually years and years 
out of date.  We need them to ship more current versions.

>                                       On some platforms, an install process
>  can even create a simple config file for you, and minimise the time to
>  being up and running.

	In terms of creating tools to automate this, I don't see how the 
NTP Project can do that.  Again, I think only the vendors really have 
the wherewhithal necessary to make this happen.

	Some vendors do already have tools to build the very simplest of 
configurations -- Apple includes one with MacOS X that allows you to 
specify which of three single time servers (provided by them) that 
you want to use.  IMO, this is not sufficient.

>                         Compared to some software, NTP should be really
>  quite simple to install for most end users.

	Should be, yes.  But we have limited resources, and even if we 
could provide a perfect solution for all platforms and all versions 
and all packaging tools in existence, that still only going to 
benefit a very small portion of the community -- 80-95% (or more) of 
the people will continue to use whatever the vendor does or does not 

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