[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes to TWikiGettingStarted

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sun Oct 5 22:04:58 UTC 2003

At 8:41 PM +0000 2003/10/05, David L. Mills wrote:

>  Lemme see if I understand your points correctly. You argue plain text
>  files for master documentation on the assumption not everybody has
>  access to a browser.

	Correct.  At the extreme, those operating in certain types of 
environments may have no choice but to have only printed 
documentation available to them.

>                        However, you also argue twitchy on the web for
>  newbies.

	At the moment, the TWiki is the only community collaboration tool 
we have available to us.  If you have any alternative suggestions 
that would be even more newbie-friendly, I would love to hear it.

>  You say you see nothing in the documentation for a newbie. I take it
>  that includes the quick.html page I wrote expressly for that purpose.
>  I agree links to that page should be much more obvious than now; John
>  Conner's suggestion of an index page would be a good improvement and
>  certainly facilitates links from the twitchy. Do you have suggested
>  content for such a page?
>  [I do not intend my flippant references to mantoad, webfrog or twitchy
>  as derogatory in any sense. As most of you know it reflects my delight
>  in the English patois journal editors have called Millsspeak, but it
>  does reflect casual disregard of political correctness.]

	I saw this note only after I made a comment regarding your use of 
the word "twitchy" and "casual disregard of political correctness". 
Suffice it to say that this version of my response is much milder.

	I was not offended by either "mantoad" or "webfrog".  However, I 
would point out that your particular brand of "delight in the English 
patois" can easily be mistaken for ... well, considerably less 
charitable reasons.

	They're your words.  You're free to use them just about any way 
you want.  However, you might want to keep in mind the way they can 
be misunderstood and misinterpreted, and the situations that might 
result from that sort of thing.

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