[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes to TWikiGettingStarted

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Mon Oct 6 05:09:51 UTC 2003


>> When I unpack software (tarball or CVS or whatever) I want clear, simple
>> plain text instructions on how to build/install and run it.
>You surely can easily attain that goal. How about rip of quick.html and
>build.html as plain ASCII text files?

Personally, I don't use the html pages for build/install-related things.

I use them for advanced configuration of runtime items.

I'm happy to see that information for anybody else who needs it, and it
is my belief that anybody who has installed any software that uses
autoconf won't need most of that info either.

Also, once somebody has some basic familiarity with more advanced
configuration of ntp (refclocks and the like), I suspect they will
believe likewise.

I've looked at the quick.html file and it does have (IMO) some useful
stuff in there.

I believe that one problem we have had is that there is no easy way for
us to document NTP.  You do most all of the documentation, and I am
aware of several times I have either written or rewritten pages.

Others have written refclock pages and some other pages I currently forget.

My point is that with twiki we have an opportunity to watch how the
user community wants the documentation to evolve - its content and
style.  I believe the result of this will be much better documentation
for all.

>My comments elsewhere this thread
>(rope) are intended mainly for program reference purposes, not instantly
>ignitable build and install.

OK, then I think we are off of each other's toes.

>> I do not want to have to use a browser.
>Do you run any Sun machines? The printed manuals are outrageously
>expensive and our sysadmins use only browsers.

No, and I'm not talking about buying printed manuals.  I'm talking about
being at a prompt and typing "man foo" and getting a useful result.  That
works for most everything I use except for ntp.

But your recent email on this subject means I can handle this now.


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