[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes toTWikiGettingStarted

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Oct 6 19:31:36 UTC 2003


Thanks for the response. I needed a practical case.


Hal Murray wrote:
> >Given that Dave will be using GoLive for his HTML pages and nobody has
> >found a good way to convert these pages into other formats (I'm not sure
> >if the existing html2man script will actually convert the .html files into
> >useful .mak mages) this means we will be supporting a variety of formats
> >for a while.
> One glitch to add the the checklist...  If you use something like
> html2man, what environment does it need?  perl?  Is it reasonable
> to assume the system you are installing NTP on has perl?  Will it be
> the right version?  (Or will html2man run on all versions?)  ...

At least one program (ntpdc) now includes a perl dependency in at least
one platform (Solaris). I assume the autoconfigure tools will detect and
modify the environment as necessary.

> I just took a look at ntp-4.1.74/html/ntpd.html
> It would be a real struggle to read it as raw text.  The main body is
> close, but even that has enough decoration to be annoying.  I couldn't
> understand the table at the end until I used a browser.  (I didn't try
> very hard.)

Sure, a plain text editor doesn't light up some things very well,
especially if it doesn't have wordwrap, but the intent is to provide an
emergency ambulance, not necessarily a good hospital.
> If I needed to refer to it while working on a system without a web
> browser, I'd go find a machine with a browser and read it there or
> print a copy.

I find your reaction, go find a browser to read the thing, deliciously
relevant to the issues raised earlier on this thread.


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