[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes toTWikiGettingStarted

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Mon Oct 6 20:51:04 UTC 2003

At 7:31 PM +0000 2003/10/06, David L. Mills wrote:

>  Sure, a plain text editor doesn't light up some things very well,
>  especially if it doesn't have wordwrap, but the intent is to provide an
>  emergency ambulance, not necessarily a good hospital.

	That may be satisfactory for you.  That is not acceptable for me.

>  I find your reaction, go find a browser to read the thing, deliciously
>  relevant to the issues raised earlier on this thread.

	Of course you would be delighted by a single response that 
matches your own irrevocably held opinions.

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