[ntp:questions] Re: should ntpd syn with time server when it started...??

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Mon Oct 6 21:39:42 UTC 2003

"Tes" <gooog77 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:32475916.0310051916.43ccc27b at posting.google.com...

> > These are not useful problem descriptions. What's the output of
> > 'ntpc -p'? 'ntpdc -c sysinfo'?

> ntpdc -p
> remote      local           st poll reach delay offset disp
> =====================================================
> clock.redhat.co    16 1024 0 .00000 0.000000 0.00000

    Notice the reachability of zero? This means either your packets are not
getting through to the server, the server's not replying to you, the replies
are not getting to you, or you are ignoring them.

    The first two things I'd check are your firewall configuration (RedHat
Linux includes a firewall that can block NTP) and any 'restrict' lines in
your ntp.conf file.


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