[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes to TWikiGettingStarted

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Oct 7 04:31:24 UTC 2003


I started out just now with a pithy, steaming and really nasty flame,
which will reveal my state of mind just now. Mercifully, I won't sear
your ears with excess bad manners. I do again repeat with serious

1. The base documentation that I include in each tarball is in HTML.
Period and that's all she wrote. No argument and please stop this

2. For configure, build and install there will be explicit,
comprehensive and illuminating flat text files produced by automaton or
hand from the corresponding HTML files. Heck maybe the HTML files are
produced from the flat text. I don't care, but both formats will be in
the distribution and they will contain the same information.

3. The current distribution already requires perl. So far as I know, the
html2man.pl translation has not been evaluated with the current HTML
pages I produced. Call me back with the results of that evaluation. I'm
getting serious mail that says perl runs in everything but toasters and
maybe even some of them. If the translation is less than satisfactory,
the perl agenda goes away and so does the current requirement for perl
in the build process.

4. I have nothing to do with the archive process, bitkeeper repository
or web itself. I have no opinion whatsoever on what is done there. You
can put up translations to pod, man, docbook and Hindi for all I care.

5. If you build the "extra" files by some process unavailable to the
casual user, then put them up on the web and make them available for
web/ftp access.


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