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Peter Boettcher boettcher at ll.mit.edu
Wed Oct 8 13:54:58 UTC 2003

david at djwhome.demon.co.uk (David Woolley) writes:

> In article <m3r81p40h5.fsf at coyote.llan.ll.mit.edu>,
> Peter Boettcher <boettcher at ll.mit.edu> wrote:
>> and helpful nonetheless.  Again, I agree that HTML is not a good
>> source format for conversions to other formats.  You'd like something
>> that logically marks up the text.  But HTML is what we've got, and I

s/logically marks up the text/logically marks up the text with a
deeper structure, using a more sophisticated markup language/

> If you are using HTML for anything other than logically marking up the
> text, you, like most of the world, are abusing it.  It's main limitation
> is that it was originally designed to be easy to learn by secretaries,
> etc., so it only has the most common document structures.  If one wants
> deeper structure, one should use a more sophisticated markup language, as
> master, and convert to HTML, or, at least, use class attributes on the
> closest match element type (span only as a last resort) to refine the
> semantics.

Geez.  Of course HTML is "logical markup".  But <strong> instead of
<b>, is still not helpful when you really want <program keyword>,
<command option>, <ntp glossary entry>, <optional argument>, etc.  Or
whatever syntax you'd like to substitute.  I hope you see my point,
even if I "abused" the term "logical markup".

Peter Boettcher
boettcher at ll.mit.edu

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