[ntp:questions] Re: Translation names to IP is not working

Roy roy at suespammers.org
Thu Oct 9 02:30:06 UTC 2003

elimachi at datacom.com.bo wrote in message news:<mailman.18.1065641151.1751.questions at ntp.org>...
> Dear list:
> I installed NTP v4 into  a Linux box with RedHat 7.3 for synchronise the 
> clock in my network. I chose some pub ic NTP servers for that. Its 
> managers suggest us to use the name instead the IP address because it 
> could change in the future. 
> Then I ping to this names and I can get response.
> So I configured the /etc/ntp.conf file with these servers using its names,
> this is the part of my file config:
> # --- OUR TIMESERVERS ----- 
> # or remove the default restrict line 
> # Permit time synchronization with our time source, but do not
> # permit the source to query or modify the service on this system.
> # restrict mytrustedtimeserverip mask nomodify notrap 
> noquery
> # server mytrustedtimeserverip
> server clock.fmt.he.net
> server time.sinectis.com.ar
> server ntp.hiway.com.br
> restrict clock.fmt.he.net mask nomodify notrap noquery
> restrict time.sinectis.com.ar mask nomodify notrap noquery
> restrict ntp.hiway.com.br mask nomodify notrap noquery

The "server" configuration command works using DNS names.  But the
"restrict" command only supports a numeric IP address.  See the
accopt.htm page.
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