[ntp:questions] Re: NTP does not sync when using pool.ntp.org

Dale Worley worley at dragon.ariadne.com
Thu Oct 9 13:55:44 UTC 2003

mayer at gis.net (Danny Mayer) writes:
> In summary, you can't depend on NTP getting different IP addresses each
> time it looks up a name. It depends on the O/S, the resolver, and the
> nameservers being used by the system, each of which may be different.

I don't remember whether someone has suggested this before, but one
solution would be to define "pool1.ntp.org", "pool2.ntp.org", and
"pool3.ntp.org" to be round-robins with exactly the same sets of
names.  That way,

        server pool1.ntp.org
        server pool2.ntp.org
        server pool3.ntp.org

would defeat most resolver deficiencies.


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