[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes to TWiki GettingStarted

Dale Worley worley at dragon.ariadne.com
Thu Oct 9 13:57:28 UTC 2003

hmurray at suespammers.org (Hal Murray) writes:
> >I want to see a URL be allowed as the target of the -c flag, and then ntpd
> >would "fetch" the config file that way.  It could be a file:// (in which
> >case we'd do an open() on it) or it could be an http:// reference.  This
> >would allow a "server" to supply a client with a potentially customized
> >config file.
> Would using DHCP be simpler and good enough?

DHCP will distribute a list of server names, but no other
configuration information.  The biggest problem I can see is if you
have 'restrict' directives coordinated with your server names.


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