[ntp:questions] IGEL:Clock Problem

Wilhelm Greiner wilhelm.greiner at web.de
Thu Oct 9 17:30:39 UTC 2003


Were trying to get a time server with a IGEL:clock to work.

We had tried the suse Pakage 4.1.1 on a Linux Compaq PC Server.

We tried Configuration with the Clock on Localhost, mode 14 and (not
at the same time.. ;) mode 8.

We also tried to compile the Version 4.1.1 with RawDCF, and Changed the
Parameter IGLE-BAUD to 50 (from 1200, for mode 8), but with same result,
the ntpq -p command shows the clock, but they dont reach.
Jitter is being 4000.

We also used the setserialbits command, but the ntp in Version 4.1.1
seems to do that himself.

Does anyone has the IGEL:Clock running on Linux 2.4 (Suse Linux Enterprise
Server 8) or any other hints?

The device settings etc. are all fine, the config should also be ok.

mfg Wilhelm

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