[ntp:questions] Re: IGEL:Clock Problem

david dalton dalton_95014 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 10 20:45:22 UTC 2003

Wilhelm Greiner wrote:

> 10 Oct 08:32:30 ntpd[4486]: PARSE receiver #0: no data from device
> within poll interval (check receiver / cableling)

That says it all:  "no data from device"

The IGEL device is a DCF77 receiver, the transmitter is in Frankfurt, 
and your email is in Deutschland so I guess you are probably within 
theoretical range of the signal.  What does the IGEL device tell you 
about the signal quality that it is receiving?

You should step back from NTP for a moment and look carefully at the 
IGEL device (and the cables).  Is it receiving any signal at all? 
Remember that reception is poor when the antenna is indoors.  I think 
there is both an AM version and an FM version.  The AM version works 
better indoors, but you must be within 100 kilometers (or so) of 
Frankfurt.  The FM signal travels much further, but is terrible indoors. 
  If the device does not even have any way to indicate signal 
presence/quality then you are in the dark.

Look carefully at the data coming out of the device, using a terminal 
(or emulator) or even just an oscilloscope.  If there is no data coming 
out at all (which I suspect) then NTP sees nothing, as though the IGEL 
device was turned off.

You would be doing yourself a favor if you put several network 
timeservers into your config file, just so you can get NTP up and 
running independent of your IGEL device for a little while.  Divide and 
conquer.  (I realize that you might be isolated from the internet and 
unable to use internet timeservers.)  Don't confuse yourself with 
software issues if what you really have is a hardware problem.  First 
prove that the (IGEL) hardware is working correctly.

How old is the IGEL device?  When was the last time it functioned correctly?

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