[ntp:questions] Re: Latest changes to TWikiGettingStarted

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Oct 11 15:36:16 UTC 2003


I don't know how to respond to your message other than to repeat my
previous messages again. I already post the latest documentation in the
distribution and on the web in HTML. For documentation from me, there is
no other choice. Any discussion to the contrary is a nonstarter. I have
chosen to include the documentation for each incremental version in the
distribution for that version in HTML. I plan soon to manually convert
the configure/build/install pages to ASCII as requested. Any discussion
to the contrary is a nonstarter.

I have suggested that tools for conversion to other formats be included
in the distribution. You have stated valid concern for those folks that
don't have the requisite tools. For those without the tools, I have also
suggested that whatever number of translated formats be included on the
web to accompany the HTML pages. You have stated valid concern that
folks with older versions need documentation specific to those versions
and by implication some folks are unwilling or unable to fetch the
documents via the repository. I include myself among those folks. I
assume you include among those the Winfolks who have an old binary. I
expect whoever rolled that binary be responsible to maintain related
documentation for that version to download with the binary.

In order to be more consistent with your repository design, I have
offered to include the master web collection among the current
development branch archive and version controls. This is the fourth
message in which I have made this suggestion, but have so far not
learned whether this is workable/practical or not.

You distinguish between policy and mechanism. There is no policy here,
only mechanism.


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