[ntp:questions] Re: IGEL:Clock Problem

Koos van den Hout koos at cs.uu.nl
Mon Oct 13 09:01:22 UTC 2003

Vincent Smeets <Nobody at no.spam.org> wrote:

> "Harlan Stenn" <stenn at maccarony.ntp.org> wrote in message
> news:bmdlt6$4iq$1 at dewey.udel.edu...
>> How about a patch for ntp-dev?  ntp-stable (4.1) is about to be replaced
>> by the 4.2.0 code.

> Please feel free to forward my patch to the NTP development. I didn't do it
> because I wasn't sure that my clock was the only one IGEL clock and there
> wasn't an othe IGEL clock for the baudrate of 1200.

There seem to be different models of the same clock. "Our" Igel had to be
set to 50 bps to work reliably.


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