[ntp:questions] Estimate of the number of people using the pool system

worley at theworld.com worley at theworld.com
Wed Oct 15 15:11:41 UTC 2003

I've done a crude estimate of the number of people using the pool
system.  My computer is in the NTP pool.  Using "ntpdc monlist", my
NTP reports 40 associations that have had messages in the last 1024
seconds.  Two of these are my computer's addresses, and two are the
upstream servers I use.  So there are 36 servers getting time from my

Assuming that there are 90 pool servers (as reported previously) and
that each pool user is associated with 3 of them, then there are 3240
associations served by the pool servers, and 1080 clients using the

Checking over the IP addresses of the clients, it seems that
relatively few of them are groups of clients from the same
organization, as most of the first two bytes of the addresses are

Assuming that the pool servers are configured to answer the requests,
doing monlist on all the pool servers might reveal a fairly accurate
count of the number of pool clients.


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