[ntp:questions] Re: NTP client?

Jason Mathews mathews at NOSPAM.mitre.org
Fri Oct 17 00:57:02 UTC 2003

Tes wrote:
> which daemon should I run if I only want a simple NTP client to sync
> with time server?

If you have Linux/Unix then run ntpd provided by the OS vendor and/or 
install latest version of NTPD downloaded from www.ntp.org.

If Mac or Windows then there are a number of open source and public 
domain NTP/SNTP clients available. For example NetTime for Windows is a 
simple and free SNTP client <http://nettime.sourceforge.net/>. NetTime 
would keep a PC within 100ms from the target time server.

A list comparing the feature of various NTP/SNTP client can be found at 
which includes a spreadsheet with a number of software clients.

Of course the right tool depends on your specific synchronization needs.


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