[ntp:questions] Re: synchronisation lost errors with

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 06:32:42 UTC 2003

In article <3396439.NxHtEeeITt at altfrangg.fortytwo.ch>,
Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder <grazdan at fortytwo.ch> wrote:

> Clinging to sanity, Ralf Hildebrandt mumbled in his beard:

> > Oct 13 12:11:37 hummus2 ntpd[8714]: time reset 13.300551 s

> > Oct 13 12:26:53 hummus2 ntpd[8714]: time reset 14.710572 s

> Your computer's clock is very, very bad. You probably have - as was said - a
> ntp.drift of (-)500.000, and 'ntpq -c rv' gives you a 'frequency=500'

The drift rate from the above data is about 16,000 ppm.  If that is
due to clock error, the motherboard needs to go to landfill; ntp is
not a cure for broken hardware.

However, this looks more like a conflict with something else setting
the time, e.g. a process trying to set the time from the CMOS clock.

It could just be a very serious case of lost clock interrupts, but,
again, it is too severe for ntp to be used to fix it.

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