[ntp:questions] Re: Help needed getting refclock to work

Piotr Trojanek ptrojane at mion.elka.pw.edu.pl
Fri Oct 17 07:20:22 UTC 2003

In article <3F8E6342.7FBFB69 at HMC.Edu>, Roger Wiechman wrote:
> System is x86 FreeBSD version 4.8 with the following:
> ntpd ver 4.1.0-a

I have the same setup, works great (i386 and Pentium machines).
You can use ppsctl from linux PPSkit to watch PPS pulses.
(few modifications are required, but it works fine on FreeBSD).

Try the latest stable release of NTP, compile with "-g" and dig into
problem with gdb.

Piotr Trojanek

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