[ntp:questions] Q:About "Time reset & Sync Lost"

Yuji Hoshino yuji.hoshino at niscom.co.jp
Fri Oct 17 12:09:21 UTC 2003


Sorry,I'm a beginner of ntp.

I want to know the relation of "Time reset & Sync Lost".

I checked the ntp log .


8 Oct 22:03:52 ntpd[777]: time reset 0.217715 s
8 Oct 22:03:52 ntpd[777]: synchronisation lost
8 Oct 22:19:45 ntpd[777]: time reset -0.305509 s
8 Oct 22:19:45 ntpd[777]: synchronisation lost


I understand that "time reset" means setting the clock
not gradually,but immediately.
(when "offset" value is more than 128 ms)

But after "time reset","synchronisation lost" always occurs.

I think that the clock has been set correctly after "time reset"
and that an ntp server is in synchronisation because there is
almost no time difference .

Why does "synchronisation lost" occur after "time reset" ,
in which there is almost no time difference ?

What is the reason why "synchronisation lost" happens ?

Thanks a lot .

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