[ntp:questions] Re: Estimate of the number of people using the pool system

Frederick Bruckman fredb at immanent.net
Sat Oct 18 01:52:15 UTC 2003

In article <4352810.LlNTK3QENH at altfrangg.fortytwo.ch>,
	Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder <grazdan at fortytwo.ch> writes:
> Clinging to sanity, worley at theworld.com mumbled in his beard:
>> Assuming that there are 90 pool servers (as reported previously) and
>> that each pool user is associated with 3 of them, then there are 3240
>> associations served by the pool servers, and 1080 clients using the
>> pool.
> Well, I'm still waiting for the Debian folks to include the pool in the
> default config - and I hear the NetBSD folks have a feature request open to
> do the same (no idea on its progress). So I'm hoping this will increase in
> the future.

The current development version of NetBSD (will be 2.0) has this,

server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12
server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12
server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12

uncommented, at the bottom of all the commentary. See for yourself:



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