[ntp:questions] Re: Estimate of the number of people using the pool system

Frederick Bruckman fredb at immanent.net
Sat Oct 18 05:35:53 UTC 2003

I suppose the fellow who cooked this up was trying to be cautious
not to abuse the resource; I don't recall much discussion. It can
be changed.

So, Usenet Oracle, what would be a good default configuration? Is
pool.ntp.org ready for hundreds (of millions?) of NetBSD users?

In article <3F90BC56.A5BAE1B9 at udel.edu>,
	"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:
> Frederick,
> The default minpoll and maxpoll were not chosen lightly, but only after
> a good deal of experience in the trenches. I question the wisdom of the
> NetBSD folks when casually overriding those defaults in a model
> configuration. In particular, the clock discipline response to
> temperature-induced frequency fluctuations deteriorates above the
> default maxpoll and I wouldn't recommend it unless the user really needs
> to reduce the network load and is prepared to suffer some performace
> degradation. I chose 10 (1024 s) as the default because from my
> experience LAN systems can usually maintain a millisecond at that
> interval.
> While this might not be of concern in most configuration, using
> different maxpoll values in peer (symmetric active/passive) modes is
> courting disaster.
> Dave
> Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> ... 
>> The current development version of NetBSD (will be 2.0) has this,
>> server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12
>> server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12
>> server pool.ntp.org maxpoll 12
>> uncommented, at the bottom of all the commentary. See for yourself:
>>   http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/etc/ntp.conf?annotate=1.4


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