[ntp:questions] Cannot synchronize directly

Bill Medland billmedland at mercuryspeed.com
Mon Oct 20 21:35:04 UTC 2003

Can anyone help me with this?  ( would rather not spend weeks becoming
a guru for something that should be easy).

I have a small home network and I wanted to get some reasonable
synchronisation of the clocks.

I want one Linux machine to be the main reference within the network
and all the others to talk to it rather than to the public time

When I was running "NetTime 2.0" on the Windows 2000 box I could then
get all the Linux boxes etc. to take their time from it; the NetTime
got its time from a Level 2 server and all the others got it from the
Windows 2000 box.

I then changed it so that one Linux box gets its time from the Level 2
server and pointed all the others at this Linux box.  The Windows 2000
box is happy but the other Linux box is not; it keeps giving "no
server suitable for synchronization found" if I try ntpdate, and if I
use the grpahical tool under RedHat it suggests that there is
something wrong with the server's firewall, which is rubbish.

Clearly the problem is some sort of protocol thing; I can see the
request and the response using tcpdump, but obviously there is
something unacceptable about the response.

The crazy thing is that the client Linux box is happy to take its time
from the server linux box via the Windows 2000 box but not directly.

I would have thought that there must be a simple HOWTO kicking around
for such a setup but I haven't found it.  I've been playing about with
this off-and-on now for over a year and I would like to get is set up

Any help would be appreciated.


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