[ntp:questions] Re: TAC-2 internal delay

Paul Croome Paul.Croome at softwareag.com
Tue Oct 21 07:50:04 UTC 2003

test <test at iinet.net.au> wrote in message news:<ge92pv0ta14fj5u9o7djco6pp4ga5jl9tg at 4ax.com>...
> "Note: This screen also shows a value of 8 nsec for the
> internal receiver delay. This is a provisional value subject
> to more detailed calibrations of the TAC and is based on
> the propagation delay thru two 74AC14 gates."

The signal path from the GPS module to either of the low-Z PPS outputs
or the 'extender' output does indeed go through two inverters; this must the
figure to which this paragraph is referring.

> Looking at the TAC-2 schematic, the 1PPS signal from the GPS module
> gets to the DCD serial pin via one 74AC04 and one MAX232.  The
> datasheets I have for these chips give their propagation delays as 8ns
> for the 74AC04 and 1.3us for the transmit section of the MAX232.

Right. From the GPS module to the RS232 output, the PPS goes through an
inverter and the RS232 driver.

Does anybody know the numbers for a typical UART receiver? I'm guessing
that the input circuitry of the computer will contribute another microsecond
or so of delay...


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